Regiment Life: A Rorschach Story


At the time of writing this; (16/03/2020) I, Rorschach have served in 15 different Regiments in the OCE Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars and Holdfast: Nations at War communities. I'm somewhat of a well known character within them.
In this, the story of my life in the online regimental world, I’ll cover my journey through the years and discuss the interesting events and characters that I have encountered like; TommyGun.Co, Allenbach, Heavy Bob, Hikkupz, Adolphus, Griffin, Jimmy, Tycode and a few others (more on them later). I was inspired to create this "story" after reading the MOV Chronicles, (shoutout to its author: Tomanator) and so members of my current regiment - Coalition Gaming (CG Holdfast Brigade), would have an idea of the past 6 years of OCE Regimental history, from my perspective of course.

Chapter I: Origins

Every good story has a beginning however mine is not particularly interesting but it's worth covering. My adventure in the regimental world began on Christmas day 2013 (I was only 14 at the time) and one of my IRL friends got me a copy of ARMA II and it's DLC - Operation ArrowHead, as a present and invited me to join his regiment; I had never talked to people online, especially ones that I didn’t know before, so this was a scary experience for me. After some convincing from my friend, I downloaded TeamSpeak3, put the IP address in and pressed connect for the first time. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of that ARMA II Regiment and there isn’t really anyone still around I can ask to confirm it; however I can discuss its leader TommyGun.Co, a man who kick started my career in the regimental world and is truly an impressive character.

I've never had much interest in games set in the modern day, especially a tactical simulator like ARMA; I’ve always have and still do have a strong passion for warfare of the past, like Ancient Rome, Feudal Japan, Napoleonic Europe and World War I. The idea of roleplaying as a SECTION (note that I say section not squad because this is a country of the Commonwealth and we speak the Queen's English), was something I had always wanted to do in a game, admittedly a game with a cool historical setting, but I thought it was worth giving it a go. When I joined the TeamSpeak and launched the game I was very nervous to talk, so I mostly just typed to my IRL friend on Steam; he told me that I had to be friends with TommyGun on Steam and to participate in the “operation”. when I accepted TommyGuns friend request he told me I had to have the regiments tags on my ingame name, I didn’t really understand what that meant at the time nor did I know how to do it, so I just joined with the Steam name I had at the time “FetttFan101”.

TommyGun did message me a few times throughout the operation to put my tags on but I mostly ignored him, at the time I did not know I was doing anything wrong but as of writing this now in 2020, from the perspective of a leader, I now understand the frustration of dealing with the same incompetence from every new member that joins my regiment. Things like this is why I tell the staff in any regiment I’m in to “assume everyone is brain-dead”, to prepare them for the endless wave of innocent stupidity; because of this, I have much respect for TommyGun and other leaders like him for putting up with it until the little idiots finally work out how the cookie crumbles, however some take a lot longer than others.

The ARMA Operation was mostly uneventful, I kept to myself and did my best to keep up with everyone else. I do recall causing a little drama when I accidentally shot TommyGun in the chest because I had no idea how to play the game; it didn’t kill him but he wasn’t very happy about it. After the regimental medic patched him up, TommyGun approached me and quite aggressively asked: “Why’d you shoot me?" I had no idea how to use my mic (which at the time was an in-built laptop mic), so I simply typed “soz” to him on Steam; after he read my message, he carried on leading the regiment & gave me a pass since I was new like the legend he was.

I didn’t go to any other ARMA Operations after that, although TommyGun would frequently message me to get on when one was happening, I mostly ignored him or lied and said I couldn't make it; this is another example of something I didn’t think was a big deal at the time but then again, as a leader, this frustrates the hell out of me now - when we get new people who show up once and never come again without saying anything.

My story would really kick into gear in a similar way to Tomanator’s “MOV Chronicles” on the 16/02/14 when I found a review of Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars on the AngryJoeShow and immediately bought the game on Steam after watching the review. To me, this was a dream game; the Napoleonic Wars is one of my favorite time periods and since the only other game I was aware of at the time that covered the same time period was Napoleon: Total War, a great game that I’ve got much time invested in but it played from the perspective of a General, I was over the moon when I found out there was a game where you can play as line infantrymen.

The moment I launched the game for the first time on Steam, TommyGun messaged me and offered me a spot in his Napoleonic Wars (NW) regiment: the 8th Royal Australian Regiment (8thRAR). I was far more interested in joining a NW regiment over an ARMA regiment, so I said yes and put on the tags he messaged me to wear - I did work out how to do it this time but I screwed the tags up. After a few hours of screwing around on a random public server trying to learn the controls, TommyGun messaged me to get on for the event. I was very excited to go but once again I caused problems for TommyGun; he kept asking me to join TS and I didn’t really want to since I was still not entirely comfortable being in a chat with strangers, so I told him I would after he gave me the server details. When I got around to joining the server I had no idea what was going on but I saw hundreds of players with different tags on, all lining up at spawn. I didn’t know what to do but I was still happy just being there, so I just followed the line I thought was the 8thRAR and did my best to keep up with the rest of the team.

TommyGun noticed I was on the server and he was constantly asking me to join TS and to fix my tags, more things I didn’t understand then but I do now. Moving on, I eventually joined TS after TommyGun walked me through the connection process and I found a channel full of 8thRAR guys.

Being in the TS made it easier for me to follow the line and understand what was going on, however I found myself frequently confused when I heard people say things like: “Don’t FOL” or “3 Man Rule”, terms I would come to learn later on but at that time flew right over my head. Overall I did enjoy my time at the NW event with the 8thRAR but I was still not 100% sure about being on TS with all those people, so I didn’t show up for the next 3 weeks.

TommyGun messaged me every time an event was on and I would still ignore him, eventually I would get back on when he told me to get on for a regimental training session for all the new recruits. When I got on, TommyGun explained that the regiment had changed its name to the 32nd “Cornwall” Regiment of Foot (32ndRoF), and judging by the reactions of the more experienced members of the regiment, it was not uncommon for a regiment run by TommyGun to have a reformation or name change. In this training session I would have my first encounter with famous characters like Rhubarb, Stezz, M.James, Surfcross and of course Tommanator, whose origins also come from the 32ndRoF.

The training went on for a good part of an hour and in that time I had got a grasp of the basics of the game such as: melee, shooting, different formations and most importantly the rules. TommyGun explained that in order to shoot, you must have at least 3 players lined up, shoulder to shoulder and that FOL stands for: “Fire Out of Line” and it refers to a player who was slain by an admin for shooting with less than 3 players; he also explained that “3 Man Rule” means when there are 3 players or less left on a team, all rules are off.

After that training session, I felt a lot more comfortable being in TS with the other players, so I decided that going to the line battle (LB) events with the 32ndRoF was something I could truly commit to.

And thus my regimental journey had begun.

Chapter II: The Long Road

I would spend, more or less, all of 2014 in the 32ndRoF under the guidance of Tommy Gun; slowly learning more about the game and the community as a whole. I was still young and inexperienced at the time so a lot of internal and external regimental dramas would go over my head.

It would be hard for most players who know me now as anything other than: "Rorschach: The Leader Who Rules With an Iron Fist and Tolerates No Shit From Anyone", but back then I was the young "32ndROF_Pte_FettFan101" to all the members of the 32rdRoF; and believe it or not, I was kind of considered one of the regimental trolls.

"Trolling" back then was very different to what is considered trolling now. I never team killed, shit talked or went of of line... much; however I did talk a lot in line about pointless topics and I'm sure my annoying, nasally 14 to 15 year old voice, pissed a few people off.

It was so bad that it eventually got to the point where TommyGun decided to implement PTS: "Permission to Speak" - as a rule to help shut myself and the other regimental troll in the 32ndRoF: "Banana", who most would agree was worse than I when it came to trolling. Unfortunately, It did not get the desired effect TommyGun was hoping for however, as all it really achieved was me and Banana asking for permission to say pointless shit like pointing out very obvious things that were going on in the round. For example: "Enemy in Front", another prime example of things I didn't see a issue with then but do now, being leader of my own regiment. I slam my head on my desk when lower and higher ranking members point out things that you would have to be blind not to see and it's another prime reason to follow my advice of “assume everyone is brain-dead".

Aight this is pretty cringe -Davwado