Coalition Gaming Brigade

Welcome to the CG Brigade, also known as Coalition Gaming. We're a local gaming regiment comprised of members from throughout the Oceanic region and beyond. We focus primarily on games with a team based game style such as; Holdfast, Warband, Post Scriptum and Arma 3. We're always interested in new members joining our commnity so feel free to hop into our Discord or chat with us on our Teamspeak, all details can be found here.

Event Times

CG attends formal Oceanic events on the AU/NZ Official Line battle Server at 8:00 PM AEST, 10:00 PM NZST, 6:00 PM AWST and 11:00 AM GMT on Friday. Line Battle events are 80-120 player games in the game mode “army assault” where each player only gets 1 life and must follow the rules of the server. CG members are expected to attend at least 1 of these events a week, failure to provide a reason for your absence if you miss multiple events will result in you being demoted and eventually removed from the Regiment.

Saturday at 10:00 PM NZST, 6:00 PM AWST and 11:00 AM GMT where it's mostly the same as Friday but more Regiments attend making the event larger and more fun. Saturday is considered the primary event for CG members to attend, however if a member can only make 1 of the 2, it is acceptable if it is the Friday event.

Sunday is a general events night at 7:30 PM AEST, 09:30 PM NZST, 05:30 PM AWST and 10:30 AM GMT this used to be naval however due to lack of community interest it is now a general event night. We are currently running Arma 3 with a mixture of modern and historic game styles, really isn't serious and we're just having a laugh so we're sure you'll enjoy it!


  New Garry's Mod TTT server now released! Go to the TTT section and search up CG to 
  find it!
  We've recently acquired our own dedicated server which will be used to host both our 
  normal 24/7 Holdfast and Minecraft server but also aditional event and community
  requested servers!