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Along with Teamspeak and Steam we also use Discord for general announcments and chatting. Due to our considerable size we tend to only use Teamspeak for any voice communications as hvaing 40 people in one voice call on Discord is unbearable. Despite this we still actively use our Discord so feel free to hop on, find out more and have a chat with us.

Steam Group

The Official CG Holdfast Brigade Steam Group is one of the ways for CG members to see announcements about upcoming events and along with our website, Discord and TeamSpeak3 server is the main way for CG members to view important Regiment info like, rank structure, muster roll and the event schedule. It also helps theCG Officers staff keep track of the CG enlisted and to see who needs to be contacted.


In CG we use Teamspeak for all voicechat during events, this is because it gives us far more control and far more features than Discord. This means that all members of CG must have it in order to participate in events.

Download Teamspeak from this link
Find the orperating system that you use and download it E.G. If you have windows download Windows Client 64-bit or 32-bit. And if you have apple download macOS Client, As easy as that.

Once find it click on the black download button on the right.
Run the installer and then run it

Now that you have Teamspeak runing Click on the 'Connections' tab on the top left tab and then click on Connect A window should pop up, For Server Address put in:

Then give yourself a Nickname of anything and leave the Server Password blank.

Click on Connect and you should be in! But one more step Right next to connections on the top left tab next to that is 'Bookmarks' Click on that and click on 'Add to Bookmark'

And your done! Have fun!